Product Description


CL Series
Product Introduction


  • Suitable for oil or water base coolant fluids.
  • There is no consumption of the filtering material.
  • Must manually clean inside of the fan-blade housing.
  • Suitable for ceramic, glass and other non-metal material filtration.

Operation Principle

  • Coolant pump motor rotates at high speed to drive fan-blade within the housing to create exceptional centrifugal force.
  • When the coolant flows into the fan-blade housing, heavy chips or residues will attach themselves to the inner wall of the housing. Mass lighter than coolant’s residue will drift around fan-blade housing’s inner wall toward the top side, collected together, and then finally flow out from the output hose.


ModelProcrssing capacity
ABCDEFGPump motor
CL-100 100 900 520 1625 720 985 1-1/4"PT 3"PT 3HP/2.2KW